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Innovative light sources

We build FILS (Fiber Intense Light Sources) by converging LED lighting into a smaller aperture, enabling new opportunities for sustainable LED lighting. We currently focus on Phototherapy and Photodynamic Therapy with the collaboration of the CHU Hospital of Saint-Etienne. We also are building a collaboration with the Superior School of Physics and Chemistry for Industry ESPCI to work on photocatalysis for sustainable industry. Later on, we plan to explore the opportunities in LASER pumping by enhancing the power of our lighting technology.

Our expertise in non-laser intense light sources enables the development of incoherent enlightment halfway from lasers. Our components filters the light and spatially control the beam by optical fibre.


Fluorescent plastics can be used to solve current challenges in healthcare, energy and security.

Plastics are scalable and easy to produce for an optimal integration on a system. Its use as a concentrator in optics couldn’t be achieved before the work of our scientific team. They developed series of patents on the extraction of the light with an efficiency never reached before.

During our journey, we met and exchanged a lot with powerful actors of entrepreneurship.

Starting with the incubator 503 we teamed with the LCF to work on innovative light sources for imagery.

By the end of the first year of work, we won a contest organized by the UPS for a special week in BOSTON to learn about business of start-ups.